Brazil Elections

The 2018 Presidential Elections in Brazil was a historical moment for the country, where the population was split in a moment of uncertainty about the future. On the same day, the people should also vote for Governors who were going to rule the states for the next 4 years. 


My role

At G1, one of the biggest news portals in Brazil, I participated in redesigning the tool to follow up on the vote counting at the 2018 Elections. The last version of an election micro-site was from 2016, so it had to be modernized and the mobile experience improved. The challenge was to create a layout that would work displaying the vote counting for president and governor in cities, states, and the whole country.


Desktop and mobile screen - vote counting for President


Vote counting for President in the country, Governor in São Paulo state, and Governor in São Paulo city 

Data visualization

The briefing was to make the page navigation simpler and the data visualization clearer. I talked to journalists and developers, that already had worked in the past elections and were involved in this one, to understand their needs and the data that would be coming in. Some assets, like the long list of candidates, the maps with the percentage of votes, and letting the user know when there is a second round of voting should be well displayed.


The access of this micro-site would occur almost entirely during the vote-counting and it should show in real-time how many votes were being registered for each candidate in each part of the country. After that, the page would become a still catalog of vote numbers in cities, states, and the country. That's why, during the vote counting, the progress bar has an animation that gives the user the feeling it is a live page, after the counting finishes, the animation stops.


The layout elements had to keep consistency to display information on mobile and desktop from the vote counting for president and governor in cities, states, and the whole country.