Violence Monitor

One week of violent deaths in Brazil - 1195

Deaths caused by violent attacks in Brazil are as high as countries in war, that's why G1, Sao Paulo University’s Center of Violence Studies and Brazil’s Public Security Forum worked along to collect, analyze, and discuss data that could show a way to better understand and propose new solutions to this public security problem.


This micro page shows all 1195 violent attacks followed by death that happened on the week from August 21st to 27th 2018. The idea was not to show the victims as just numbers, but identify all of them and tell their stories, exposing this social issue that became part of to day-to-day life of Brazilians.


The map points where the crimes happened and the filters show age, skin color, sex of the victims, the time of the day and type of crime that happened, besides if the crime was solved and if the attacker was identified and sent to prison. Each point on the map represents one person and it’s possible to see their information and the news article about the crime.